Sunday, December 11, 2016

F-22 Raptor Update #2

Paint job complete and gloss coat applied. Ready for decals.

Canopy comes clear and needs to be tinted.  Head up display also needs to be tinted.  I think I tinted the HUD a little too much here.  It should be a slight, but noticeable green/blue.

Exhaust petals.  These were molded into the fuselage upper and lower halves and had to be cut away.  Alclad metalizer applied.

Missile bay doors come as one piece that has to be cut into two.

Decals applied.

Flag pennant was removed after roll out and a nose instrument probe attached.  Instrument probe comes with the kit as an option.

Colorful tail decals.  When this aircraft was named, many folks thought Raptor was a dinosaur reference, but the word actually means "bird of prey."

Missile noses need to be painted and bodies striped.

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